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In addition to our holiday programs, the Australian Speaking Schools also offers ongoing term programs with our partner organisations.

Our term programs look at providing students with ongoing opportunities to learn, practice and refine public speaking and debating skills, and to facilitate continuous learning which will stick with the students throughout their school years right through their lives. As with our holiday programs, our term programs comply with our educational trifecta of expert coaches, small classes and enjoyable courses – all of which we are able to provide.

If you’re a coaching college looking to create or expand your public speaking or debating offering, whether because you love public speaking yourself, feel that your students would benefit from it or simply want to broaden your coaching college’s appeal, we are always open to having a discussion and potentially assisting you with that process.

Please don’t hesitate to get into touch to see how we can help you increase your offering and student base.

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We can help coaching college operators that…


…are keen public speakers or debaters themselves


…feel their students would benefit from public speaking or debating classes


…would like to broaden their appeal to more students

We offer programs for…

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Public Speaking

We offer a range of public speaking programs for students between Year 1 to Year 10. Our focus initially assists students in coming to their own opinions on a range of topics, before providing them with the tools that allow them to properly articulate their message in the form of a speech.

Our programs are broken up firstly between year groups, and then by level of experience – we have a number of programs for continuers, and so have plenty of content to keep students engaged term after term.


Debating is the bread and butter of most of our coaches, who are often heavily involved in the university debating scene. We have developed a wide range of debating programs for students in Years 3 – 12, which focus on case development, argument structure, rebuttal and all the other key elements of debating.

Debating is a lifelong skill, and one that can be continuously improved throughout school life – as such, we have a wide range of programs for students of all experience levels, from those just starting out to those who compete in Australia’s pre-eminent interschool competitions.

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General Communication Skills

We also have a range of other programs which we can teach, ranging from private school interview techniques to textual analysis presentations. Our coaches are experts in communication skills generally, and we are able to tailor our offering to whatever a coaching college believes will give their students the greatest benefit.

If there is a particular communication skill that you think would work well for your students, please don’t hesitate to get into contact so we can discuss whether Australian Speaking Schools can assist in any way.

Interested in hearing more about what can offer to your coaching college?

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