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Whilst teachers are experts in their respective fields, not everyone knows quite where to start for public speaking and debating education.

This is where we can help.

As experts in public speaking and debating who have taught tens of thousands of students both locally and abroad, SSA is perfectly placed to fill this potential gap in your school. If you’re interested in hearing more about what we can offer (or the benefits of public speaking and debating coaching), please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

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Co-Curricular Programs and Seminars

Speaking Schools is well equipped to run a wide range of seminars and courses for students of all ages - our range of programs include Future Leaders (which takes students through what it takes to be an inspiring school leader), Conquering Debating (which introduces students to the world of debating) and the Presentation Skills Seminar (which gives large groups of students a crash course in effective presenting).

Every school is different, and as such our seminars and programs vary in length, difficulty and class size - please get in touch with what you would like your students to achieve, and we can discuss the best option for your school's unique circumstances!

Outreach Program
We can also come to special arrangements with schools in low-socioeconomic regions or who cater to particularly vulnerable groups - if your school fits into one of these categories, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Professional Development

Learning isn't just for students.

SSA has developed a wide range of professional development seminars available for teachers looking to either learn how to bring public speaking and/or debating to their school, or alternatively to take their skills to the next level.

Please reach out if you're interested in any of these seminars, and we can let you know when the next one will become available!

Teaching Materials

We at SSA have the most extensive and in-depth collection of public speaking and debating coaching resources in the country.

Aided by the SSA Speaking Syllabus - the one stop shop for everything public speaking and debating - our coaches are able to bring out the best in all our students, shy and outgoing alike.

Bespoke programs backed by the Speaking Syllabus are now available for licensing to schools - please get in touch if you're looking for public speaking and/or debating sessions that you can run with your students!


Speaking Schools has a rich history of providing quality public speaking and debating adjudication.

We have looked after the adjudication services for a wide range of tournaments - from YouDebate to the Islamic Schools Debating Competition - and have assisted with the provision of judges for schools all over Sydney. We’ve also found success in international competitions (such as the Asia Schools Open), and will be aiming to run our own internal competitions over 2022 and beyond!

With members of our management team running interschool competitions (such as Eastside and FED) and university tournaments (including the Australian, Australasian and Worlds Debating Championships), we're uniquely positioned and always ready to help out when schools need assistance running their competitions.

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Want to organise something with your school?

Let us know how we can help!

Our Satisfied Teachers

Mark and his team from Speaking Schools Australasia were wonderful to work with.

They gave students thorough and insightful feedback on their speaking skills and always communicated in a positive and coherent manner. Their expertise, organisation, and courtesy were very much appreciated. The students got a lot out of working with you during this competition.

Thank you so much, we look forward to working with you in the future.

YouDebate Competition
Celia Kemeny, Amity College YouDebate Competition

I am a primary teacher and work in rural NSW. We are limited in our access to extra curricular activities but as I have a passion for teaching public speaking and see great value in our students learning these skills, I was offered by my principal to have time this year to work in this area with selected students.

Due to Covid, like most other things, we couldn't participate in competitions I'd had my eye on or interact with other schools.

That's when I started looking for Public Speaking coaching for me, to be able to teach our kids well and gain some new skills for myself. Most courses available are for debating, but then I came across Speaking Schools and it looked fantastic!

I phoned Chris and we spoke about what I was after for our kids and myself as a teacher and she was able to make a course that suited our needs perfectly.

We zoomed in once a week with James, who was so enthusiastic and positive who gave us engaging, interesting and unique content. He also gave the students tasks to do for homework and by the end, they were able to confidently deliver a well structured, well thought out and interesting speech.

James learnt each student's name very quickly and they loved their time in the course.

Chris kept in touch throughout to check everything was going well for us and I just loved the professional development course I did with her and one of her colleagues, it gave me some new skills and great ideas. That was also on zoom.

I highly recommend Speaking Schools, we will definitely use them again.

Future Leaders Program
Ebonnie Whan, Narrabri Primary Future Leaders Program

Over the last two years, Speaking Schools have run seminars for our boys and the improvement has been outstanding.

They catered to our needs and times and were accommodating of all requests. The presenters were excellent and informative.

Our students enjoyed the experience and the skills they learnt can be used over their time at school and into the future.

Presentation Skills Seminar
Denise Williams, Marist Parramatta Presentation Skills Seminar
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