Presentation Skills Bumblebees

  • Beginner
  • 2 Days
  • Kindy

A fun and exciting two-day program for students in Kindergarten that allows students to develop their speaking skills without needing to know how to read and write.

Student to Teacher Ratio 8:1
Course Objectives
  • Give students a fun and welcoming environment that helps them build their confidence.

  • Provide lots of speaking activities that boost students' speaking skills and lay the foundation for good speaking habits.

  • Help students feel comfortable speaking in front of audiences.

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Course Overview

Bookings for our Winter Workshops and our first ever Presentation Skills Bumblebees Program are now OPEN!


Presentation Skills Bumblees is a practical and hands-on workshop that looks to provide students with a basic but important introduction to presentation skills, and focuses on forming good speaking habits rather than teaching abstract theory.

This fun and interactive program is designed to equip Kindergarten students with the tools they need to communicate more confidently and purposefully when engaging in pairs, small groups, class discussions and presentations.

Recognising that students in this age group have not yet developed abstract thought, and are still at the beginning of their reading & writing journeys, the program places emphasis on fun-filled experiential learning without the need for written language – using activities and games to help students use language, imagination, and self-expression to compose and respond when talking about a range of topics. The Bumblebees program is modular in nature, so it changes every holidays too!

In order to help all our students flourish, we make sure that classes are kept small, that the classroom environment is welcoming to all students, and that every student is given plenty of opportunities to practice and develop their own voice.

Our Bumblebee Holiday workshop is a mixed experience program for all Kindy students.

In recognition of the importance of learning presentation skills from a young age, it has (since 2012) formed an important part of the Early Stage #1 (Kindergarten) syllabus for NSW schools.  Given this, even younger students are no longer able to escape the obligation to speaking in front of an audience.

The Early Stage #1 (Kindergarten) syllabus clearly states students should develop the ability and skills to:

“communicate through speaking, listening, reading, writing, viewing and representing”

Given this, the Presentation Skills Bumblebee Workshop is designed for all Kindergarten students – confident and shy alike – who are just about to embark on the start of their Public Speaking journey.

Throughout our lives, we all have to speak to audiences whether that be for our career, education or socially. But we’re of the firm belief that not only is everyone capable of doing this, but that everyone is capable of enjoying it too!

The Presentation Skills Bumblebees workshop aims to:

  • provide Kindergarten students with their first public speaking experiences;
  • engage students in highly creative and interactive activities to help build their confidence, communication and social skills;
  • put an emphasis on introducing and building good habits over theory, noting students lack abstract thought and written language skills; and
  • help students develop a love for presenting in front of audiences.

Connecting with Audiences

The beginning of each workshop is designed to help students get to know one another and feel comfortable when expressing themselves.  Amongst various speaking activities, students will be exposed to the concept of an audience, and come to understand that speeches are about finding a connection between their own interests and that of their audience.

Connecting with their coach and peers will inevitably lead to a classroom that is buzzing, busy and enjoyable!


Creating Content

As students progress, they will be more involved in creating unique content in small groups and individually. Inspiration and support will be provided as they progress to become more and more creative and confident, yet structured in their approach. Plenty of opportunities to present both their group and individual creations will be given, allowing them to receive personalised feedback and improve their speaking skills. They will also be encouraged to create and present impromptu and prepared content.

Importantly, none of the activities or presentations will rely on reading or writing, meaning students are able to enjoy the program without feeling self-conscious about abilities their still developing!


Exploring the Art of Narratives 

Storytelling has been a rich tool used to generate connection, inspire dreams and ideas, as well as to help students connect with the world around them.

The Bumblebees program includes exploring the art of storytelling and involves the students as not only passive listeners but active creators and narrators of their own unique story as well, with students engaging with core storytelling ideas over multiple sessions.

Our classes vary in size every holiday depending on how many bookings we receive – however, the maximum size of our Presentation Skills Bumblebees class is 8 students with one coach, and 16 students with two coaches.

If there aren’t any spots left, it’s usually because we’ve hit capacity – please get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do about either opening an extra class, fitting your child into the existing class, or putting you on a waitlist in case any students pull out!

After each program, students will get to keep:
  • a personal feedback sheet prepared by their coach, which goes through what they’ve improved on, and something they can continue to work on at home;
  • a certificate recognising their achievements at the workshop; and
  • and most importantly hopefully a more positive perspective on public speaking!
Course Reviews

My son enjoyed the 2 day program. I could see significant improvement on both days. He was very excited about the learnings and enthusiastically explained all that he learnt.

The report was detailed and summarised really well. Overall very happy and I highly recommend this program.

Shruthi, Parent Presentation Skills Tabby Cats

Good games played to encourage shy younger children.

Maggie, Parent Presentation Skills Tabby Cats