Public Speaking Wombats

Public Speaking Wombats

  • Mixed Experience
  • 7 - 10 Weeks
  • Years 3 - 4

A beginner program that is ideal for students in Years 3 – 4 who are new to public speaking and who would like to build their confidence.

Student to Teacher Ratio 9:1
Course Objectives
  • Make sure students get plenty of opportunities to practice and receive constructive feedback in a friendly, supportive environment.

  • Enrich each session with new theoretical insights about public speaking using a structured approach to learning.

  • Help students uncover the thrill that comes with public speaking!

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Course Overview

Bookings for Term #1 2024 are now open!

Key Features

  • Runs over two-hour sessions every week
  • Designed for mixed-experience Year 3 & 4 students
  • Covers a different focus each term that maps onto the relevant NAPLAN focuses
  • Places an emphasis on practice every session, rather than spending too much time on theory
  • Follows a similar structure each week – students begin with an activity, run through a new element of content and consolidate with practical speaking tasks
  • Prioritises a supportive and nurturing learning environment for all students
  • Utilises small class sizes to ensure everyone can practice each session and receive plenty of individualised feedback


Term Focuses

Every term, we ensure that our Public Speaking Wombats program helps students understand the fundamental concepts involved with public speaking.

Emphasis is placed on the following each term:

  • Term #1: Persuasive Speeches
  • Term #2: Creative Narratives
  • Term #3: Convincing Audiences
  • Term #4: Informative Presentations


More Information

Term #1 runs from early February to mid-April each year.

When we get up to speak in front of audiences, we may want to teach them something new or entertain them – and both of these are essential purposes for many speeches. However, most commonly, we’re getting up to speak because we want audiences to think, feel or act differently – we want to persuade them of something.

Our Term #1 Lions program places the focus squarely on these types of persuasive speeches. Whilst students will likely have already covered basic persuasive speech structure in our Cubs, Leopards or Tabby Cats programs, this focus of the Lions program takes this type of speech to the next level. Students learn how they can use various techniques – from chain words to hyperboles – to help make their speeches sound much more persuasive. Students also have plenty of opportunities to apply these techniques across a range of different types of persuasive speeches, from advertising to elections!

After completing the Persuasive Speeches program, students should:

  • have been exposed to the fundamental principles which underpin persuasive speeches;
  • understand a range of new techniques to help them sound and feel more persuasive when giving a presentation; and
  • have been given multiple opportunities to present to their class in each and every session.

Our Public Speaking Wombats program is a mixed-level class for students in Years 3 & 4, and places a particular focus on less experienced students (more experienced students generally join the Debating Wallabies program).

Public Speaking Wombats caters for:

  • Students who have no public speaking experience (students are more than welcome to join the program with little (or even no) public speaking experience any term of the year);
  • Students who have already completed up to 3 terms of Presentation Skills Lions or Public Speaking Wombats (the focus changes every term, so there’s no repetition of content across the year);
  • Students who have been completing our Speaking Skills Joeys program, which has the same focus each term; and
  • Students who have given our holiday workshops (such as Speaking Camp Koalas) a go, and are looking to continue their public speaking journey!

We usually recommend that students do a few (and ideally four) terms of our Public Speaking Wombats program to ensure they cover all the essential areas of public speaking.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss what’s best for your child, or check out our video below to see how our term program progressions work!

Revision of Fundamental Concepts

The program starts with a succinct (but important) revision of essential concepts, including audience engagement and speech structure. This helps to set students up for the rest of the program and ensures that everyone starts on a similar level.

Persuasive Speech Fundamentals

After going through the basics, the next couple of sessions focus on developing persuasive speech fundamentals such as structures and various persuasive techniques that, combined with students’ opinions, will be used to develop engaging and compelling speeches. Reinforcement of these concepts is done through steady practice and constructive feedback, incorporated in various activities throughout the term.

Practice speeches and interactive activities

The remainder of the program allows students to work through a variety of interactive activities and practice speeches that are designed to enhance their persuasive and presentation skills while also encouraging them to apply the concepts that they have learned! Students are given ample opportunities to demonstrate their skills in class and receive constructive feedback to keep improving!

Parent Presentations

The term ends with a parent presentation – an opportunity for students to present to an adult audience.  Parent presentations are not only a great way to help students develop their confidence, but also represent an opportunity to showcase what they’ve learned.  Students generally spend the last couple of sessions preparing and practising their speeches for the presentation.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or get in touch using our contact form to learn more!

Course Reviews

Highly recommendable. My daughter is learning thick and fast, and enjoys the sessions very much. The staff is highly qualified, also another remarkable point is great communication with parents and students.

Public Speaking Wombats
Vishal, Parent Public Speaking Wombats

Very impressed with the online teaching!

Public Speaking Wombats
Renuka, Parent Public Speaking Wombats
  • After our Term #4 programs...

  • 100%

    of Year 3 - 4 students surveyed enjoyed attending the programs

  • 100%

    of Year 3 - 4 students surveyed felt more confident

  • 88%

    of Year 3 - 4 students surveyed saw their speaking manner significantly improve

  • 88%

    of Year 3 - 4 students surveyed really wanted to come back again next time

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