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Speaking Schools has dozens of partners across Australasia that we work with to bring great communication coaching to as many people as possible.

Whether you represent a coaching college, creative academy, school, company or a not-for-profit, SSA is open to working with organisations that share its values - learn more about how we can support your organisation!

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Term Program Partners

If you’re a coaching college or creative academy looking to create or expand your public speaking or debating offering, whether because you love public speaking yourself, feel that your students would benefit from it or simply want to broaden your organisation's appeal, we are always open to having a discussion and potentially assisting you with that process.

Our weekly term programs look at providing students with:
- ongoing opportunities to learn, practice and refine public speaking and debating skills; and
- to facilitate continuous learning which will stick with the students throughout their academic and professional careers.

As with all our programs, we make sure that our weekly programs involve the educational trifecta of expert coaches, small classes and enjoyable courses – all of which we are able and willing to provide.

For most of our in-person weekly term programs, we work with a partner organisation to help bring the programs to life. Under this system, we have agreements with various coaching colleges and creative academies around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, where we provide the coach and materials, and they provide the venue and administrative assistance.  Whilst both the centre and Speaking Schools are able to take bookings, the programs themselves form part of their general offering.

Please don’t hesitate to get into touch to see how we can help you increase your offering and student base.

School Partners

We offer comprehensive in-school programs designed to enhance students' public speaking and debating skills. Each of our programs is tailored to cater to primary and secondary schools, focusing on age-appropriate content and learning outcomes.

There are lots of options available to suit the needs of any school, including (but not limited to):

- in-school workshops;
- after-school programs;
- adjudication services;
- one-off sessions; and
- lesson plan licensing.

All our programs is delivered by our team of experienced coaches, and are flexible enough to be customised to meet the specific needs of each school.

By participating in these programs, students develop confidence, critical thinking, and effective communication skills that contribute to their overall academic and personal success.

You can find out more about our in-school programs on our dedicated webpage.

Corporate Partners

Speechcraft Solutions is a joint venture between SSA Co-Founder and Managing Director, Mark Slaven, and GM - Holiday Operations, Tennyson Brazier.

Speechcraft Solutions came about to solve an ever increasing problem as people struggle to communicate in an increasingly complex world. As companies become more and more specialised their ability to communicate continues to suffer as one language breaks down into hundreads of highly specialised technical languages and communications across borders becomes more and more important within the international economy.

With a firm focus on teaching people skills that will benefit them most, Speechcraft Solutions focuses on bespoke training that is intentionally tailored to suit organiscational needs. This involves differentiating between different roles within a company from finance to research and development.

Developing skills such as stakeholder analysis and storytelling allows professionals to communicate effectively in both technical and non-technical settings. Utilising this, Speechcraft Solutions aims to help all professionals embrace their own communication style, work to bring their own personality to the forefront and build an effective and authentic brand for them to stand behind.

Speechcraft Solutions firmly believes in building up organisations to create effective communication channels and to assist their employees to feel both competent and confident when presenting to others.

You can find out more about Speechcraft Solutions on the organisation's website.

Sponsorship Partners

At Speaking Schools Australasia, we take great pride in actively supporting and sponsoring community organizations that focus on enhancing skills such as debating, public speaking, mental health, and resilience. We believe in the power of collaboration and the positive impact these organizations have on individuals and communities. By partnering with them, we aim to foster a supportive environment that encourages personal growth, empowers individuals to find their voice, and promotes mental well-being, ultimately helping people become more resilient and effective communicators.

We are always happy to discuss potential sponsorship arrangements, so please get in touch if you're interested in us supporting your not-for-profit or event!

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