Speaking Skills Butterflies

Speaking Skills Butterflies

  • Mixed Experience
  • Weeks
  • Kindy

An exciting and fun weekly program for students in Kindy that allows students to develop their communication skills without needing to know how to read and write.

Student to Teacher Ratio 8:1
Course Objectives
  • Give students a fun and welcoming environment to help them build confidence.

  • Engage students in highly creative and interactive activities to help build their communication and social skills.

  • Help students develop a love speaking in front of audiences, despite their young age!

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Course Overview

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Key Features

  • Runs over shorter, one-hour sessions each week (perfect for Kindy kids)
  • Does not assume any reading or writing skills, focusing on other ways of self-expression
  • Focus on developing speaking skills through experiential learning
  • Students are given multiple opportunities to present each and every week
  • Strong emphasis on a supportive and nurturing learning environment
  • Small classes to ensure maximum practice time and feedback from experienced coaches


Term Focuses

Given students are still developing their reading and writing skills, there is no particular theoretical focus for any given term – instead, coaches focus on helping students build their confidence and self-expression.


More Information

This exciting and interactive program is designed to equip Kindergarten students with the tools they need to communicate more confidently and purposefully when engaging in pairs, small groups, class discussions and presentations.

Through a series of fun and engaging activities, students will develop essential speaking skills such as turn-taking, eye contact, volume control and using clear language. They will also learn how to listen attentively and respond respectfully to others.

Recognising that students in this age group have not yet developed abstract thought and are still at the beginning of their reading & writing journeys, the program emphasises fun-filled experiential learning without the need for written language – using activities and games to help students use language, imagination, and self-expression to compose and respond when talking about a range of topics. The Butterflies program is modular in nature, so the activities students engage in change every term!

Most importantly, students will have heaps of fun while developing the confidence to speak up and be heard! So join us on this exciting journey of discovery as we help our little ones take their first steps towards effective communication.

Our Butterflies Term program is a mixed experience program for all Kindy students, whether they be:

  • Completely new students, who are welcome to join in any term;
  • Students who have previously completed one or more terms of Speaking Skills Butterflies;
  • Attendees from a previous Speaking Skills Bumblebees holiday workshop.

In recognition of the importance of learning presentation skills from a young age, it has (since 2012) formed an essential part of the Early Stage #1 (Kindergarten) syllabus for NSW schools.  Given this, even younger students are no longer able to escape the obligation to speak in front of an audience.

The Early Stage #1 (Kindergarten) syllabus clearly states students should develop the ability and skills to:

“communicate through speaking, listening, reading, writing, viewing and representing”

Given this, the Speaking Skills Butterflies Workshop is designed for all Kindergarten students – confident and shy alike – ready to embark on their Public Speaking journey.

Throughout our lives, we all have to speak to audiences, whether for our career, education or socially. But we’re of the firm belief that not only is everyone capable of doing this but that everyone is capable of enjoying it too!

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss what’s best for your child!

Focus #1 – Connecting with Audiences

The beginning of each program is designed to help students get to know one another and feel comfortable expressing themselves.  Amongst various speaking activities, students will be exposed to the concept of an audience, and come to understand that speeches are about finding a connection between their own interests and that of those listening to them.

Connecting with their coach and peers will inevitably lead to a classroom that is buzzing, busy and enjoyable!


Focus #2 – Creating Content

As students progress, they will be more involved in creating unique content in small groups and individually. Inspiration and support will be provided as they progress to become more and more creative and confident (yet also structured in their approach). Plenty of opportunities will be given to present both their group and individual creations, allowing them to receive personalised feedback and improve their speaking skills. They will also be encouraged to create and present impromptu and prepared content.

Importantly, none of the activities or presentations will rely on reading or writing, meaning students can enjoy the program without feeling self-conscious about abilities they’re still developing!


Focus #3 – Exploring the Art of Narratives 

Storytelling is a rich tool for generating connections, inspiring dreams and ideas, and helping students connect with the world around them.

The Butterflies program includes exploring the art of storytelling and involves the students as not only passive listeners but active creators and narrators of their own unique stories as well, with students engaging with core storytelling ideas over multiple sessions.

If you’re interested in doing another term program, we would recommend that students move on to either:

  • our Speaking Skills Butterflies program again – the course is modular and changes every term, so students will always have something new they can take away; or
  • if your child is going into Year 1, our Presentation Skills Leopards and Presentation Skills Lions programs build on what they learn here, whilst also applying those skills to speeches involving reading and writing.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a holiday workshop, we offer our Speaking Skills Bumblebees program which offers complementary content to help Kindy students develop a love for public speaking!

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or get in touch using our contact form to learn more!

Course Reviews

I enrolled my child after speaking to one of the wonderful coaches. My child was anxious about public speaking, even just in front of the class and teacher at school. It has been less than 1 term at Speaking Schools Australasia and there has been a massive change. Instead of being anxious, she now looks forward to giving speeches at school and gets excellent feedback from her teacher.

She's already requested to continue her speech classes with SPA and looks forward to it every week. Thank you for helping her get past her anxiety in such a psychologically safe, fun environment!

Speaking Skills Butterflies
May, Parent Speaking Skills Butterflies

Excellent experience at Speaking School, my kid loves it so much!

Speaking Skills Butterflies
Sophie, Parent Speaking Skills Butterflies
  • Of the dozens of Butterflies students surveyed in 2023...

  • 100%

    had fun!

  • 100%

    felt more confident!

  • 100%

    improved their speaking manner!

  • 92%

    wanted to come back next time!

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