We’re building tomorrow’s well-rounded humans.

Our Difference

We are raising the educational bar by providing children with the soft skills and resilience they need to confidently navigate a constantly changing world.

We facilitate this through offering the best possible public speaking and debating programs to as many students as possible, regardless of background. By providing students with fun, welcoming and safe learning environments, we aim to improve students critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills, all the while helping them build confidence, empathy and resilience.

Safe and Fun Learning Environments
Experienced and Enthusiastic Coaching Team
Student Centred Teaching Approach
Our Locations
Sydney, Australia

The home of Speaking Schools Australasia, we run a range of in-person holiday and weekly term programs all over the city.

Melbourne, Australia

Coming Soon
Watch this space for physical programs starting in 2021, alongside our suite of online programs.

Hangzhou, China

Alongside our partner, the Consseau Institute in Hangzhou, we run a number of online and intensive programs in various cities across China.

SSA Management Team
Our Coaches

Our team of enthusiastic and experienced coaches build fun and productive learning environments.

Meet just some of our coaches
Community & Sponsorships

We're a proud supporter of improving debating, public speaking, mental health and resilience for students in whatever way we can!

The Australian National Debating Championship (affectionately known as ‘Easters’) is the biggest debating tournament in Australia, and very close to our hearts. Unlike most other debating tournaments, Easters is 'pro-am', meaning that each team is made up of one experienced debater, and two novice debaters, with the view to introducing new students from all backgrounds to the world of university debating. It is often the first tournament high school graduates attend, and is the source of many fond memories for many of our coaches.

We are very proud to have the opportunity to sponsor this event for the fourth time in a row!

Virtual School Australia runs programs and conferences for educators all over the country, keeping true to the philosophy of 'Education for all, at any time and from anywhere'.

In October 2020, we sponsored their 2020 Global Empathy Conference, which gathered highly acclaimed Australian and International guest speakers, educators, and students who shared their experiences and exemplary practice teaching Empathy. Our two presenters at the conference - Mark Slaven and Chris Giacoumakis - were both recipients of the 2020 Global Empathy Award for their outstanding presentations on how debating and public speaking help students develop their empathy.

UN Youth Australia is a national, youth-led, not for profit organisation run entirely by volunteers under the age of 25. They are committed to promoting grassroots engagement with the aims and principles of the United Nations by providing Young Australians with opportunities to learn about global affairs and with avenues to express their opinions.

We are very proud to have the opportunity to sponsor such a great organisation which helps students find their voice!

The Australasian Wom*ns Debating Championship (usually shortened to ‘Wom*ns’) is one of the four major tournaments that Australian universities participate in. Given that society often puts the views of men before those of women, and that most debaters (both at school and university) are male, this tournament provides an opportunity for those who identify with the gender that is unfortunately and often unfairly sidelined to express their opinions on a variety of topics.

We at Sydney Speaking School are firmly of the view that women should be given the same platform as men to speak in public, and encouraged to use that platform as often as they can. It is with great pride that we have sponsored this event.

Our Satisfied Parents

My daughter had a great time and learnt her strengths, as well as what to improve on. She also learnt it's okay to be funny when she debates and to listen more to improve rebutting. A good camp for learning and fun!

Anne, Parent Experienced Debating

Location was great and the girls were both keen to come back on the second day. They both said that they enjoyed it and learnt some new skills. They also liked their instructors.

I think that the course is excellent, and the guide/workbook provided to the kids was well put together. Certainly able to refer back to it again in future.

Jenny, Parent Presentation Skills Tabby Cats

My son is starting high school this year and is fantastic to have a school like yours, offering these courses to young people. About the course, he found it enjoyable and extremely useful.

Well done guys! Thank you for everything and please keep me updated about your upcoming events.

Bea, Parent Foundations of Public Speaking