Jessica is an engaging coach who has a passion for problem solving and communication. Jessica graduated from Aquinas Catholic College where she participated in the Swim team, Debating team and Public Speaking. These all helped her gain insight into the best way to work in a team for optimal results. She volunteered at a preschool where she gained valuable experience in tailoring her language for her audience as she had to work with children and since then has brought her upbeat attitude into her classrooms!

Jessica is currently undertaking a double degree in Actuarial Studies and Applied Finance at Macquarie University whilst also working as a Sports Officer with Sydney Catholic Schools. Since starting university, Jessica has become an active member of the Macquarie University Debating Club, where she went on to win the first university competition she attended!

Jessica understands how perplexing debating and public speaking can be at first, having not debated extensively in junior high and only beginning to compete in Year 9. She knows from personal experience that with dedication, you can quickly improve and develop a lifelong love of what public speaking and debating have to offer. Jessica’s favourite thing about public speaking is the communication skills she is passionate about, an ethos that she works hard to pass onto her students.