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new skills and techniques whilst having fun.


in a welcoming and comfortable environment.


your ability as a public speaker and debater.

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Whilst our holiday programs focus on providing students with a welcoming environment (but slightly more intensive) forum to develop their skills, we understand that this sometimes isn’t realistic for some parents or best for some students.


Our weekly classes provide students with ongoing opportunities to learn, practice and refine the skills that they learn through our programs, and facilitate ongoing learning that will stick with students for life.


As such, we offer a number of programs to students throughout Sydney with our partner organisations.

Unlike our holiday programs, which we run at schools, our term programs are run with our partner coaching colleges across Sydney.


Whilst managed by the partner organisation, all of the programs use our materials, are taught by our coaches, and are kept to our maximum class size.  This means that we can be confident in the quality of each and every weekly term program that we run.

Term 3 Weekly Programs

Accessible and informative weekly courses which seek to provide ongoing guidance and practice to school students between our intensive holiday programs.

Weekly Program Venues

Frequently Asked Questions

We run our term programs in association with our partner organisations all over Sydney.


Whilst managed by the partner organisation, all of the programs use our materials, are taught by our coaches, and are kept to our maximum class size.  This means that we can be confident in the quality of each and every weekly term program that we run.


If you’re interested in joining one of our weekly term programs, you can either book in directly through our website, or get in touch for more information!

We are of the view that private tuition is not particularly helpful for learning how to debate or speak in public. Whilst you can teach both from a theoretical perspective in a one-on-one session, many of the practical skills can’t be effectively put into practice without an audience.


That said, if there is a specific competition or presentation your child is preparing for, please get in touch and we will ask our coaches if anyone is interested in providing private coaching for a few sessions to help your child develop their speech.

Speaking Schools Australasia is a privately run organisation which seeks to improve the public speaking and debating skills of students of all ages.


We are not your usual coaching college operation – born from the idea that everyone, regardless of their natural ability, can speak publicly and speak well, we run a variety of courses at all times off the year – including both one-off workshops and weekly programs – with the view to helping students develop their skills and speak with confidence.


In order to achieve this goal, we do not have a ‘brick and mortar’ base, but rather run our programs through partner organisations and on school campuses. However, given the importance of spreading a culture where all students can speak with confidence, we make sure that our courses are open to all students regardless of where they come from.

Our teaching philosophy has three tiers.


Firstly, the safety of the students is paramount.  We do not allow our coaches to conduct any activities unless the students are safe.


Secondly, the students need to have fun.  We have no illusions that these are our students’ school holidays, and that the only way they’ll listen and pick up skills is by enjoying themselves.  We use a range of techniques to ensure that the students maintain their attention by mixing up theory with practice, and by using games that teach public speaking without the students even realising that they’re actually being taught something new.


Thirdly, the students should learn.  Importantly, we believe in learning by doing – that students will only walk away with a new set of skills if they have had the opportunity to practice them.  This is why we keep class sizes small – to ensure that every student has an opportunity to speak, and that every student gets ample personalised feedback so they can improve.

Aside from our teaching philosophy being almost unique in a world of increasingly mass produced education, Speaking Schools Australasia is an organisation that has grown out of the idea that every student is able to speak in public with a little practice.


The founders of the philosophy at the core of Speaking Schools Australasia, Mark Slaven and Daniel Dummer, were both rather average public speakers during their school years.  Both joined the debating circuit at university, and were roundly defeated in their early tournaments.  It was only through perseverance and hard work that they both grew as speakers, eventually running national tournaments, winning various other competitions around Australia and successfully representing their university and competing in championships around the globe.


Speaking Schools Australasia runs the type of programs what they wish they could have attended when they were at school.