Speaking Schools Australasia Wins Outstanding Education Service Award at the Local Business Awards 2023

5 September 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Speaking Schools Australasia (SSA) has been named a winner at the North Shore Local Business Awards.

We were recognised for our Outstanding Education Service and are incredibly proud to have been chosen amongst a group of excellent local businesses.


What are the Local Business Awards?

The Local Business Awards are one of the most well-recognised awards in Australia, and recognise & celebrate the contributions and achievements of small businesses across the country.

The aim is to help boost local businesses by fostering a sense of community, promoting local trade, and recognising successful businesses.

These awards cover various categories, from food and drink to education and health, and are a great way for small businesses to showcase their achievements.


What was SSA chosen for?

SSA was a finalist for excellence in our business outline, features and achievements. We were recognised for our strong promotion, top-quality products and customer service, as well as our success over the past two years. We were applauded for managing and monitoring customer satisfaction extremely well. As educators, this is a fundamental part of our business and we are proud to be recognised for this.

It was a great opportunity to celebrate the successes of small businesses from across Australia, and we were so proud to be recognised as winners in the “Outstanding Education Service” category. The night was also a beautiful moment to meet other people with like-minded goals. It showed us how enthusiastic people can be when it comes to having an impact on the future of our students. Our aim has always been to help guide the next generations to be more confident and to help them achieve success. Winning this award has reaffirmed that we are on the right track and that our hard work is paying off.

This instilled confidence in our team that despite the challenges of the last few years, not only are we doing the right thing, but also that we are part of a larger community working together to help students develop holistically. Our core aim at SSA is to ensure that every student has access to quality education that helps them become confident and successful individuals. Winning this award is a significant milestone for us, and it encourages us to continue striving towards excellence.


Our Co-Founder’s Words

On the night, our Co-Founder and Managing Director – Mark Slaven – was given the opportunity to say a few words:

I’d firstly like to thank my wonderful team who I have up here with me today – Tennyson, Mayela, Marianne, Anna, Zara, Rani, Belinda and Rob. I’d also like to thank my wonderful wife Steph, who cannot be here this evening…

And then I’d finally like to thank all of the wonderful parents, but most of all I’d like to thank all of the phenomenal students who come in day-in, day-out. We do public speaking and debating coaching, it’s not something easy for kids to learn and it can be quite daunting for them. The fact that our kids give it their all is absolutely amazing, so a big thank you to them. 



In conclusion, winning the North Shore Local Business Awards for Outstanding Education Service has been a momentous occasion for us at SSA.

We are proud to have our efforts acknowledged and celebrated, and we remain committed to providing quality education and supporting the holistic development of our students.

We thank the Local Business Awards for providing us with a platform to showcase our achievements and the opportunity to connect with other businesses.

We are also grateful to our staff, students, and parents for their support, which has contributed significantly to our success.