Robert Barrie

General Manager - Human Resources & Digital Media City: Sydney, Australia Course List:

Rob is potentially the most experienced debater in Australia. Having personally started the Western Sydney Debating Union, attended over 250 debating tournaments throughout his career, held the position of President of the World University Debating Council, Chair of the Australasian Intervarsity Debating Association and Vice-President of the Australian Debating Council, he has devoted much of his tertiary education to the art debating.

This love for the sport has led to a number of successes, including being appointed as Chief Adjudicator for the Australian Debating Championships in 2021, Deputy Chief Adjudicator for the Australasian Championships, also in 2021, and Deputy Chief Adjudicator for the World University Debating Championships in 2022. He has also been a two-time finalist at the World Championships, as well as breaking as a debater at the Australian and Australasian Debating Championships, winning the Commonwealth Debating Championships and judging the grand finals of the Australian, Australasian, Asian, New Zealand, European and World Championships, just to name a few. Rob has also spend much of the past decade passing on his knowledge to the next generation, both as an adjudicator in basically every competition held in Sydney, and was the Chief Adjudicator of the Eastside Debating Championships. In 2022 he also served as one of the Chief Adjudicators of the Australian National Schools Debating Championships.

Rob has also coached at a number of schools in Sydney and has extensive coaching and judging experience at school tournaments and workshops overseas in countries as far and wide as Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, New Zealand and more.

In his (somewhat limited) spare time, Rob has also managed to complete both a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (majoring in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations) at Western Sydney University. He has also helped out with more Youth Parliament events than he can count and visited dozens of countries around the world to judge debating tournaments.

Rob enjoys giving back to the community that has given him so much, and would like nothing more than to pass his knowledge and experience onto the next generation of debaters, both in Australia and overseas.