Public Speaking Wallabies – Online

  • Beginner
  • 10 Weeks
  • Years 3 - 4

A beginner program that is ideal for students in Years 3 – 4 who are new to public speaking and who would like to build their confidence.

Student to Teacher Ratio 8:1
Course Objectives
  • Give students an introduction to the basic concepts of public speaking, including forming opinions and speech structure.

  • Provide students with the opportunity to participate in weekly speeches and build their confidence.

  • Allows students to practice their skills and receive feedback to help them develop.

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Location Online Program



4:00PM - 5:30PM


28th April - 30th June


4 Weeks



Course Overview

Public Speaking Wallabies is a beginner level program that is ideal for students new to public speaking, and who would like to build their confidence.  Providing an introduction to the fundamental concepts involved with public speaking, this course is a great way to help prepare students for the speaking tasks they will encounter in later primary school years and beyond!

As with each of our weekly term programs, students will be given multiple opportunities to present each session in a fun and supportive environment.  Our experienced and passionate coaches ensure that all online lessons are interactive experiences that put student centred and experiential learning front and centre.

We genuinely believe that whilst our online programs look and feel a little different, they are just as effective in helping students develop their speaking abilities.

Unlike most providers, we run all our online programs live in small classes – nothing is pre-recorded, and everything happens in real time. This means that coaches are able to adapt their teaching style to the class that they actually have, leading to the best possible learning outcomes for students.

Students are also given just as many opportunities to practice in front of an audience – whilst not physically present, students can still see all their peers’ faces on the computer screen, providing them with an audience that feels (and is) very real.  This means that students are still able to apply the theory they learn, develop their confidence, and crucially receive indvidualised feedback in real time.

If you’re still not sure, check out our video on online programs or get in touch to learn more!

All of our online term programs run for a single 1.5 hour session per week, for a total of around 10 weeks.

There is a short break in the middle of the session to help students concentrate for the full period, and in any event students won’t be starting at the screen the whole time either – they will be encouraged to prepare their practice speeches (at least one every session) on paper, as they would in a physical classroom setting.

Our Public Speaking Wallabies course is a beginner level program.

This course assumes no particular knowledge – students are more than welcome to join the program with little (or even no) public speaking experience.  All students have to start somewhere, and there is no better place to do so than through this program.

With this in mind, the program is also appropriate for students who have already completed our Speaking Camp Koalas or Speaking Camp Kangaroos holiday programs – the Public Speaking Wallabies course helps students develop a different range of speaking skills, and uses a various different activities.  This means that students are able (and encouraged) to do this program, even if they’ve already completed our holiday programs for the same age group.

That said, if your child has already done multiple holiday programs with us, has formal public speaking training from another provider, or is just potentially more interested in debating, they are also welcome to give our Debating Wallabies Online program a shot.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss what’s best for your child!

Over the course of the term, students will have the opportunity to:

  • learn core introductory theory focusing on the essential elements of persuasive speeches;
  • gain lots of exposure to speaking activities, which will help them build confidence and develop good speaking habits and techniques; and
  • practice their budding skills in a supportive online environment, alongside peers of a similar age and ability level.

Connecting with Audiences

The first couple of sessions focus on relationships.  The program starts by creating strong relationships between the students, as well as the coach, in order to create a welcoming online class atmosphere.  Students are then taken through the importance of connecting with their audiences, and how speeches essentially represent a relationship between the speaker and those listening to the presentation.


Developing Speech Ideas

As students progress, they will look at how their own opinions can supply the bedrock of a good speech.  Students will have various opportunities to share and justify their opinions as presentations to their peers, as well as receive plenty of individual feedback from their coaches to help them develop.


Forming Persuasive Speeches

From about halfway through the term, students will start learning how to put together persuasive speeches.  Using the opinions they formed in earlier sessions, they will learn how to form their justifications and reasons into arguments, and how to craft interesting introductions and strong conclusions that help frame their speech.  Each week focuses on a different concept and includes multiple opportunities to present.


Parent Presentations

As with all our weekly programs, the term concludes with a presentation to the students’ parents.  This is a great way to help them develop the confidence to speak directly to adults, as well as being a good opportunity for them to showcase their new skills. Students generally spend the last couple of sessions preparing and practicing their speeches for the presentation.

Our classes vary in size every workshop depending on how many bookings we receive – however, the maximum size of our Public Speaking Wallabies Online class is around eight students with one coach.

If there aren’t any spots left, it’s usually because we’ve hit capacity – please get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do about either opening an extra class, fitting your child into the existing class, or putting you on a waitlist in case any students pull out!

By the end of each program, students will have:

  • typed feedback, prepared individually for them by their coach, which goes through what they’ve improved on, and what still needs some work;
  • a digital certificate recognising their achievements;
  • a digital course booklet (that can be printed), which covers everything they’ve learned over the course of the program;
  • the speech that they prepared for their final presentations; and
  • a better understanding of what makes a persuasive speech!
Course Reviews

Very impressed with the online teaching!

Renuka, Parent Public Speaking Wallabies - Online

The teachers were amazing, very encouraging and helpful. Gave feedback when I asked and cared about the children's progress.

Pinar, Parent Speaking Camp Koalas
  • Of the parents we've surveyed about our online programs...

  • Felt their child had fun

  • Believed their child's confidence improved

  • Thought their child's speech structure improved

  • Said their child's manner improved