Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Sciences, University of Sydney

Nida is a worldy and dedicated coach, who has a talent for explaining concepts in a way her students can relate to. A true global citizen Nida, has lived and studied in countries all over the world, including the United States of America, India and England, as well as Australia. This experience has given Nida a mature and unique perspective of the world, and fostered a dedication to the global community. She has volunteered with various youth organisations such as the City of Bankstown to organise events, and is involved in numerous outreach programs with the University of Sydney.

Nida is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Sciences and Education at the University of Sydney, and hopes to become a secondary school mathematics teacher. She is passionate about education, and has worked extensively as a debating coach and adjudicator. Alongside teaching with us Nida also works as a debating coach at Sydney Boys High School and James Ruse Agricultural School. She is also a very experienced adjudicator, having judged competitions including the Independent Schools Debating Association (ISDA) Competition, Friday Evenings Debating (FED) Competition, Association of Heads of Independent Girls’ Schools Championships, Combined Schools Association Competition, and Heads of Independent Co-Educational Schools (HICES) Championships.

Having not debated extensively in school and only joining in since leaving, Nida understands how confusing debating and public speaking can be at first. From personal experience, she knows that with dedication, you can improve quickly and develop a lifelong love of the activity. It is this unique perspective, and the resulting teaching methods Nida uses that makes her a valued member of our team.