´╗┐Jasmine is a very positive and engaging coach who has a wealth of experience in both public speaking and debating. Jasmine is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws at the University of Sydney after having been named HSC Dux of her high school.

´╗┐Jasmine was a member of her high school debating team throughout the duration of her time at Tangara attaining a range of achievements. Jasmine was named the Best Intermediate Debater and the Best Senior Debater in back to back years winning the Senior Debating Prize in her final year of high school. These achievements allowed her to compete in the representative debating team for the Archdale Debating Competition. Beyond Jasmine's debating endeavours she has also participated in multiple public speaking competitions across the span of 5 years where she went on to be named Public Speaking Captain!

She is also heavily involved in her community through her participation in basketball and netball as well as partaking in regular hospital and nursing home visits through her work with Inala Disability Services. Jasmine has exemplified great leadership in each of these activities which she is now able to bring to the classroom!

´╗┐Jasmine's passion and excitement makes her classrooms have great energy that all students will enjoy!