Big Changes for Term #1, 2022!

9 December 2021

After our biggest ever term of classes – despite all classes being online – we’re very excited to be back in person for Term #1 next year!

There will be four big changes to our weekly programs from next term – please check out each of them below.


Big Change #1 – Program Names + Icons

From Term #1, we will be changing the names and icons of some of our programs to remove duplication and make our course progressions easier to follow. The main changes are:

You can see each of the new-look icons below!


Big Change #2 – Our Year 1 & 2 Programs

From Term #1 next year, we’ll be mixing up how our Year 1 & 2 programs operate!

Essentially, our Presentation Skills Leopards program is going to be restructured so it has a different stream every term, and caters mostly to Year 1 students (although beginner Year 2 students are very welcome to join!). Whilst our Presentation Skills Lions will remain similar to its current form, it will be tweaked so it caters predominantly to Year 2 students of all ability levels (and particularly experienced or advanced Year 1 students).

These changes are aimed at making content less repetitive and more targeted towards where students are at – the idea is that students starting at the beginning of Year 1 will be able to go through to the end of Year 2 without repeating materials!


Big Change #3 – One Hour Classes

From Term #1 next year, we will be introducing one-hour classes for time-poor students in Years 1 – 2 (our Speaking Skills Cubs) and Years 3 – 4 (Speaking Skills Joeys)!

These will be running at select venues and online – please check out the links above to learn more about each program!


Big Change #4 – Public Speaking Wombats

In addition to rebranding this program, we’re also going to be substantially mixing up the content.

Rather than just running through the essentials of public speaking (before moving onto debating), our Public Speaking Wombats class will now have four separate streams that map onto the key written styles used for NAPLAN, helping students kill two birds with one stone.

The focuses for 2022 will be:

  • Term #1: Creative Narratives
  • Term #2: Convincing Audiences 
  • Term #3: Persuasive Speeches
  • Term #4: Informative Speeches

You can find out more about the program on our website here!


Get in touch!

We’re always more than happy to talk through your particular circumstances – if you’ve got any questions about the above changes, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!