Currently studying at UNSW, Trisha is a dynamic and passionate public speaking and debating coach with a deep commitment to both her students and children in the community. As a former Archdale Debating Grand Finalist, and as a high school debating coach, Trisha brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her classroom!

Trisha has been involved in many competitive speaking competitions such as the Festival of Speech Competition, Rostrum Voice of Youth Competition, and Rotary Speech Craft Public Speaking Competition!

Beyond her academic and extracurricular achievements, Trisha is deeply engaged in community service. Volunteering as a unit leader with Girl Guides Australia, she dedicates time to making a positive impact on young women. Additionally, she involves herself in ambassador roles at Uni and volunteers at St Vincent de Pauls Society.

As a public speaking and debating coach, Trisha leverages her diverse experiences and skills to connect with students of all ages, and help them to find their voices!