Phoebe has a wealth of experience in debating and public speaking. Her success in these activities during high school has lead Phoebe onto studying a Double Degree of Law and Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

Phoebe has been involved in debating since year 7. She was selected for the State Debating Team in Year 11 and 12, and in her final year on the team, they won the National Debating Championship. At a school level, Phoebe was a Grand Finalist and best speaker in Year 12. Phoebe has a wealth of experience in debating making her an excellent fit for students looking to improve their debating knowledge.

.Outside of debating, Phoebe’s involvement in sport has exposed her to opportunities to coach and mentor younger plays in soccer and tennis, growing her coaching abilities. She is able to apply these skills in the classroom, creating a welcoming and encouraging environment for her students.

Phoebe is an asset to SSA through her knowledgeable and approachable manner, making her a favourite amongst students.