Charlie Osborne

Coach City: Melbourne, Australia Course List:

Charlie Osborne is an empowering coach, known for their passion for education and community advocacy. Having an Honours in Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Social Work, Charlie brings a unique blend of academic expertise and practical experience to their coaching classrooms!

As a Success Coach at their university, Charlie provided assistance to students navigating the complexities of university learning. Their dedication to fostering education accessibility was further shown through their role as a Mentor of DEAP, where they actively supported low socio-economic students through the Engagement and Access Program.

Beyond their academic coaching, Charlie has extended their mentorship to various community groups. As a Learning Centre Mentor, they offered crucial study support to students striving for academic success. Charlie's commitment to empowering students was evident in their role as a Student Mentor in the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience. Here, they not only foster engagement in learning, but also cultivates pride in identity and experience among their students. As a volunteer with Ygender, they played a pivotal role in planning, facilitating, and supporting monthly events catered to LGBTQ+ young people. Through their involvement in these organisations, Charlie has become an expert in harbouring safe and supportive spaces where individuals can learn and grow.