Annika is a highly accomplished public speaking and debating coach with an impressive track record of success both as a debater and adjudicator. With an extensive debating resume that speaks volumes about her expertise and dedication, Annika is a perfect coach for debating success.

Throughout her debating career, Annika has accumulated numerous accolades, including being crowned Champion and Grand Final Best Speaker at prestigious international competitions such as the Asian British Parliamentary Debating Championship and the United Asian Debating Championship. Her consistent excellence is further evidenced by her semi and quarter-finalist placements at renowned institutions’ tournaments such as Macquarie, UTS, UNSW, and the University of Sydney.

Beyond her own achievements, Annika has also made significant contributions to the development of aspiring debaters through her coaching endeavours. She has coached at institutions such as North Sydney Boys High School and Redlands College!

Annika has been an adjudicator at various schools competitions including Archdale, ISDA and GPS, where she has played a crucial role in shaping the next generation of debaters. Her keen insight, constructive feedback, and communication skill make her an ideal coach!

With her wealth of experience and passion for nurturing talent, Annika is an excellent coach for students looking to improve in public speaking and debating!