Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

6 January 2020

Building the confidence of today and tomorrow’s students!

Throughout the history of the world, people have been deprived of a voice – whether it be due to their gender, race, social standing, and oppressive communities.

Although some voices are still being silenced, fortunately we are now at a time of great change. The modern world is becoming more and more globalised; consequently, we are now blessed with more and more opportunities to express our voice regardless of where we come from. However, are we exploiting these wonderful opportunities? Are our children being given a voice? Are we moving away from the screen and communicating authentically and confidently face-to -face in this modern world?


Building Voices at Home

One of the key pillars to building that voice is to value the younger generations’ opinions, perceptions and thoughts. How do we do this?

We can start small in the family home. Children no longer need to be seen and not heard – we should allow them to express concerns, debate points, and broaden their view of the world. It’s important to actively listen to them – reinforcing the validity of their voice, reassuring them that they are truly being heard, and therefore laying solid foundations for the future.


Speaking out at School

Similarly, schools play a pivotal role in ensuring our young are given a platform to confidently and openly communicate with their peers, teachers and the general community. The classroom can provide a challenging, yet nurturing environment to develop the student’s ideas and thought processes, which can then be vocalised. Furthermore, students getting conversing with local community leaders, involving themselves in community projects where human connection is built.


Flourishing in Life

Finally, as students begin taking on jobs, employers play a significant role in helping shape our children’s voices. Consider how much of a voice is needed to participate in meetings, encourage negotiations between employers and employees, cooperating with co-workers and colleagues, communicating with customers – the list is endless!

In a nutshell, the voice of our younger generation and future generations to come is everyone’s responsibility and needs to be truly embraced to help shape more confident, cooperative and resilient leaders of tomorrow!