From Little Things Big Things Grow

19 January 2021

By Chris Giacoumakis


Gather round people I’ll l tell you a story
A six -year long story of hard work and pride
Because from little things, big things grow.


The tune to Paul Kelly swirls around as we fondly look back on how Speaking Schools started and how it has evolved and grown to what it has become in 2021.

Founded in 2015 in response to a lack of public speaking and debating coaching in Sydney, Speaking Schools was a drop in the ocean.  To give you a better idea, our very first program was made up of a modest number of seven students and four coaches. The summer cicadas were chirping, Sydney’s heat was sweltering, and our eager and enthusiastic team were full fuelled with adrenaline and excitement -Summer 2015 was the first step towards a bright future!

The next few years brought wins and losses, hellos and goodbyes, but also brought plenty of opportunity for growth and expansion. We have had to step outside our comfort zone several times, and more recently, we have even navigated the unchartered waters of a global pandemic. However, all these challenges helped little things grow, and in Summer 2021 we worked with 450  students and close to 40 coaches!

We are living proof that from little things, big things grow.

Speaking Schools Australasia could not have done it alone. The reason we are standing here lies in the hard work and sacrifices of not only its founders Dan and Mark, but every single family, friend and member of staff who has given their time, invested their passion and devoted their energy into its journey of transformation.  The parent and student community who believed in us and returned for more programs, for those who helped spread the word, for those who gave us a chance – we thank you. Nothing in life is done completely alone, it takes others, often a community to make the impossible possible!

Our goal has been (and will continue to be) to provide as many students as possible – whether shy or outgoing – with the tools they need to flourish as confident, articulate, and engaging speakers.

We are confident our future will continue to be bright as we hold onto to our values, our integrity and choose quality – every single time.

Happy 6th birthday to us and we look forward to you sharing many more years to come!