Bachelor of Medical Science (First-Class Honours), University of New South Wales

Shivi is a mature and nurturing coach whose community mindset creates a deeply supportive environment. Although she was involved in community stage performances since she was a child, she came to public speaking later in life when she starting presenting for her university degree. Shivi has a Bachelor of Medical Science with first-class honours from the University of New South Wales and her proudest public speaking moment was presenting her thesis in breast cancer to university academics at the Matrix Biology Society of Australia and New Zealand. Shivi enjoys public speaking because she gets to tell people about the things she is passionate about, and loves teaching her students to do the same.

Possessing a strong community mindset, Shivi has volunteered as an Assistant Teacher at Wentworth Tamil Study Centre where she prepared and presented lessons in writing, reading and speaking, whist being building a positive relationship with the children. She also continues to volunteer at a Community Migrant Resource Centre with a focus on supporting refugee children emotionally and academically. Her experience as a teacher helps Shivi ensure her students know that they will improve with practice and provides a safe environment for them to do so. Shivi cares deeply about her students and works hard to ensure they are supported to do their best.