Lachie is a seasoned public speaking and debating coach with a rich background in competitive debating and coaching! With extensive experience in both coaching and adjudicating, Lachie is a passionate debater and coach!

His coaching journey began at Reddam Primary School, where he conducted full-class coaching sessions, laying the foundation for young debaters. From there, he expanded his coaching to include schools such as Saint Ignatius College and North Sydney Boys High School, where he served as a debating coach, helping develop the talents of high school students and guiding them to success in competitive debating!

As an adjudicator, Lachie has lent his expertise to numerous competitions, including Archdale and GPS, where he has assessed and provided feedback to debaters.

His own debating prowess was evident during his time at Saint Ignatius College, where he was a member of the 1st Debating Team and served as Captain of Debating in his final year.

Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Arts at UNSW, Lachie continues to hone his skills and knowledge! His dedication to the craft is exemplified by his impressive achievements, participating in the Australian British Parliamentary Debating Championships (ABPDC), reaching the quarter finals at the Australian Debating Intervarsity Debating Championships (Easters) and breaking as part of the third ranked team in the country!

In addition to his competitive achievements, Lachie has contributed to the debating community as an adjudicator at tournaments such as the Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships!

His commitment to fostering the next generation of debaters and his passion for debating make him an exceptional mentor for our students!