Angela is a caring coach with over 25 years of teaching experience in a variety of areas such as dance and meditation. She promotes a positive classroom environment in which building confidence and rapport within her students is a priority. Her teaching style is fun as she has a passion for incorporating wellness practices in her classroom.

Angela was a Coach Instructor for the World Coach Institute in Florida in which she helped people achieve their Foundational Professional Coach Certification and Master Coach Certification, requiring awareness and practice on core competencies of coaching as distinct from consulting and therapy. She assisted students to grasp the deeper nuances of coaching while developing their coaching business, marketing their message, and developing themselves as a person. Angela was also deemed an ICF Associate Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation for her contributions to the coaching profession.

Her love of public speaking stems from the communication skills it requires storytelling and creativity. Angela prides herself on being able to implement stories into her teaching to make information engaging at a deeper level and therefore create a more effective learning environment for her students. Her mentoring experience and this community mindset make Angela a much-valued member of our team, who we recognise for her unique ability to engage with students.