101 Incredible Speech Topics for Kids

16 February 2023

Are you looking for some incredible speech topics for kids?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post, we’ll give you 101 amazing ideas for speech topics that will have your young public speaker feeling confident and excited to take the stage for their next presentation. From discussing their favourite sports team to sharing a personal story, there will surely be a topic on this list that resonates with every child.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

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What makes a good public speaking topic?

Finding good speech topics, especially as a kid, can be an intimidating task.

As children, our interests tend to change, and it may be difficult to find speech topics that we can expand upon and still engage the audience.

It is important to remember that kids should aim to give presentations on any topic they are passionate about. Ideally, when looking for successful kids’ speech topics, school students should pick a particular topic:

  • they know well, as this will help them give a good speech without too much extra research;
  • that has enough content, which will help with speech length; and
  • is interesting and relevant to the audience they’ll be presenting to.

Taking some time to consider all of these factors will go far in making sure kids create informative, valuable presentations that make their parents proud!



The three different kinds of speeches

Whether your child is a budding public speaker or simply looking to bolster their confidence in front of an audience, it’s important to be aware of the three main types of speeches they can give: Informative, Entertaining, and Persuasive speeches.

  1. An informative speech teaches people something as they explain a process, inform about a topic, or share information with an audience.
  2. An entertaining speech is more light-hearted and focuses on entertaining an audience with a story, joke, or anecdote.
  3. A persuasive speech aims to convince an audience of a particular viewpoint. In these types of speeches, it’s important for the speaker to have strong topic knowledge as well as supporting evidence to back up their argument.

By understanding these three speech styles, young public speakers can choose the speaking style that makes them feel the most comfortable and excited about the task of public speaking.

We have provided a range of topics that fit into each of these three speech types and therefore will be perfect for any young public speaker, regardless of their personal preference!

Remember: you can always put a spin on any speech topic to make it more informative, persuasive, or entertaining. Feel free to challenge yourself by turning one of our persuasive speech topics into a comedic presentation or taking an entertaining topic and using it to build a persuasive speech – there is usually no need to restrict yourself to one particular style of expression!



Informative Speech Topics

At our public speaking courses for kids, we know how important it is to find the perfect informative speech topic. We want your young public speakers to explore ideas and topics that resonate with their interests and spark their passion for presenting!

From urban bees to sports nutrition, science experiments to art history, the possibilities are endless!

Our list of kid-friendly speech topics provides a great starting point for creating an informative, engaging presentation. Whether they choose a familiar subject or something new and exciting, our goal is to support student excellence in every way possible.


Check out these informative speech ideas:

  1. Exploring the Benefits of Outdoor Play
  2. The History of Video Games
  3. How to Become an Eco-Friendly Consumer
  4. The Positive Impact of Music Education
  5. What Makes a Great Leader?
  6. The Science Behind Climate Change
  7. Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet
  8. Understanding the International Space Station
  9. Discovering Ancient Civilizations
  10. Exploring Different Cultures Through Dance and Music
  11. Effects of Social Media on Mental Health
  12. The Art and Science of Computer Programming
  13. Every Day Victories
  14. The Harms of Violent Video Games
  15. Types of Alternative Energy Sources
  16. Exploring Different Types of Art
  17. The Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep
  18. Ancient Mythology and Folklore
  19. The Science Behind the Human Brain
  20. Famous Scientists in History
  21. The Most Delicious Meal of All Time
  22. Recycling and Waste Management Solutions
  23. Global Warming vs Climate Change
  24. Robotics: Past, Present, and Future
  25. Understanding the Solar System
  26. The Biggest Social Issues of our Times
  27. The Secret Life of…
  28. Investigating Animal Habitats in Nature
  29. Why E-Books are the Future
  30. Exploring the Wonders of Chemistry



Entertaining Speech Topics

Figuring out entertaining topics for public speaking can be a challenge, especially when the speaker is young.

However, the right topic can be the key to making a great impression on your audience.

Whether you are interested in discussing robotics or telling stories of your own life experiences, there is bound to be an entertaining speech topic suitable for everyone!

Our rich variety of topics ensures that young public speakers have plenty of choices when it comes to finding what will make for a captivating performance.


Check out these 30 fun topic ideas that can humour, shock, or entertain the audience:

  1. Proof that We Live in a Computer Game
  2. The Best Jokes for Kids
  3. My Imaginary Friend
  4. My Crazy Summer Vacation
  5. How I Got In Trouble With My Parents
  6. Weird Foods Around the World
  7. Fun Facts About Dinosaurs
  8. Frighteningly Funny Ghost Stories
  9. If I Were a Cartoon Character…
  10. Embarrassing Moments We’d Rather Forget!
  11. Epic Pranks I’ve Pulled off So Far
  12. Interesting Reasons Why We Laugh
  13. Life Through a Dog’s Eyes
  14. My Favourite Outdoor Activity
  15. If I had One Superpower…
  16. Superheroes and Their Amazing Powers
  17. The Best Thing About Dragons
  18. Why Too Much TV is a Good Thing
  19. Funny Things I’ve Heard on the Bus
  20. Unusual Hobbies Around the World
  21. Weird Etiquette Rules That Don’t Make Any Sense
  22. How to Make Your Own Board Game
  23. Mysteries of the Deep Sea
  24. Exploring Outer Space: Astronomy for Kids
  25. Fantastic Fables from Other Countries
  26. Bizarre Traditions From Around the World
  27. The Art of Storytelling: Creative Writing Ideas
  28. Fun Facts About Animals
  29. Learning with Lego: Building a Better Future
  30. The Power of Imagination: Mindful Meditation Techniques



Persuasive Speech Topics

Writing a persuasive speech can be intimidating for kids, but it doesn’t have to be.

Not sure where to start? No problem! We have plenty of kid-friendly persuasive speech topics to get students’ creative juices flowing.

From discussing the importance of friendship and relationship building to spurring environmental awareness, we have the perfect persuasive speech topics for any young public speaker.

Become confident and display your power of persuasion with our helpful advice and engaging list of topics.


Have a look at these 30 persuasive speech topics that can help kids call others to action:

  1. The Benefits of Social Media
  2. How to Become a Responsible Citizen
  3. The Value of Having Good Manners
  4. Taking Care of the Environment: Reducing Pollution and Waste
  5. The One Thing I Know About Eating Healthy Foods
  6. Exercise for Kids: Why It Is Important
  7. The Impact of Technology on Education
  8. Building Better Communities Through Community Service
  9. Developing Self-Discipline for Success in Life
  10. Argumentative Strategies That Can Be Used In Everyday Life
  11. The Power of Positive Thinking
  12. Creating Lasting Memories with Family Time
  13. Exploring Different Cultures with Travel and Adventure
  14. The Importance of Teamwork and Collaboration
  15. My Favourite Restaurant
  16. Why I Learned a Second Language (and You Should Too)
  17. Exploring Causes for Climate Change and Possible Solutions
  18. Learning the Benefits of Reading for Pleasure
  19. Making Wise Choices When Shopping Responsibly
  20. Understanding Cyberbullying and Taking Action Against It
  21. Finding Success in Failure: Reframing the Mindset
  22. Learning About Money Management through Financial Literacy Programs
  23. Practising Compassion, Kindness, and Respect For Others
  24. Building Self-Confidence Through Leadership Activities
  25. Using Creativity to Solve Everyday Problems
  26. Exploring Ways to Balance School and Extracurricular Activities
  27. Making Healthy Choices Through Positive Leadership
  28. The Wisdom of Being a Young Person
  29. Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Schools
  30. Learning How To Analyze Fake News with Critical Thinking Skills




Classic Speech Topics for Kids

Not sure if you want to do an informative, persuasive, or entertaining speech?

Are you looking for classic topics that have been done time and time again but are popular topics for a reason?


Look no further than these classic speech topics:

  1. My Favorite Book
  2. What I Learned From My Pet
  3. How to Have Fun Without Technology
  4. The Place That Inspires Me the Most
  5. The Power of Music
  6. What It Means To Be A Good Friend
  7. My Best Day Ever
  8. If I had Three Wishes…
  9. Living a Simple But Fulfilling Life
  10. Celebrating Diversity in Our Community
  11. My Hero: The Person Who Inspires Me the Most


Impromptu and Abstract Speaking Topics

Whilst approaching impromptu and abstract speech topics can be daunting, there actually isn’t much difference between them and normal speech topics.

Impromptu speech topics are usually more generic, providing students with the opportunity to reflect on their own lived experiences and share that with their audience. Rather than spending time finding the perfect content to fit impromptu speech topics, the better approach is generally to bend the topic to something that you’re familiar with and comfortable speaking about, whether it be knitting being the best part of your day or a conversation you had with a friend about time travel.

Being prepared will give your child the confidence necessary to make their presentation successful – so if you’re not sure what speech topic you’re likely to get, make sure to think up plenty of anecdotes before the presentation!


Picking the perfect speech topics for kids

Now that you have a fantastic speech idea, it’s time to get writing!

Let our resources help guide you through the speech crafting process (we’ve got plenty of blogs and videos to help) and give your child the opportunity to shine on the stage. Don’t forget to practice your speaking manner either, including your tone of voice and body language!

Moreover, our in-person and online courses provide step-by-step instruction and guidance throughout each program so kids learn exactly how real-world speaking works – all tailored specifically for your own future speaker.

You can also visit our YouTube Channel for advice to guide you through the entire speech writing process, as well as expert tips for practising your performance!

So don’t wait – take advantage today and get ready to stand out from the crowd with an amazing speech!