Public Speaking Parrots

  • Beginner
  • 8 - 9 Weeks
  • Years 5 - 6

Formerly Term Public Speaking Hummingbirds
Public Speaking Parrots is an introductory course for students in Years 5 - 6 who are new to public speaking.

Student to Teacher Ratio 8:1
Course Objectives
  • Give students an introduction to the fundamental concepts for public speaking, including manner, matter and method.

  • Provide students various opportunities to practice their skills each week.

  • Allow students to develop their speaking skills and build their confidence using practice and feedback.

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Location Hornsby Campus



4:00PM - 6:00PM


11th February - 7th April


1 Weeks



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Location Carlingford Campus



3:50PM - 5:50PM


19th February - 8th April


1 Weeks



Course Overview

Formerly Term Public Speaking Hummingbirds

This course is designed for those who want to get a head start with their speaking skills.  Students will be introduced to key theory that explains why we give speeches, how to structure them effectively, and how to express clear opinions and engage audiences. Throughout the term, each student will have ample opportunities to explore how these theoretical underpinnings work in practice, and will refine their speaking manner and presentation skills during various class activities and practice speeches.

As with all our programs, we make sure that every classroom environment is nurturing of each individual student, and that all the  activities are lots of fun for students! This is the perfect course for both shy and outgoing students to begin their journey into the exciting (though initially also potentially nerve wracking) world of public speaking.

Our Public Speaking Parrots course is a beginner level program.

This course assumes no particular knowledge – students are more than welcome to join the program with little (or even no) public speaking experience.  All students have to start somewhere, and there is no better place to do so than here.

That said, if your child has already completed our Public Speaking Hummingbirds holiday program or our Public Speaking Wallabies term program, has formal public speaking training from another provider, or is just potentially more interested in debating, they are also very welcome to give our Debating Parrots program a shot.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss what’s best for your child!

Over the course of the term, students will have the opportunity to:

  • learn the fundamental concepts that underpin persuasive speeches;
  • be exposed to a range of different speaking activities, with the view to helping them develop both theif confidence and good speaking habits; and
  • practice their newfound skills in a nurturing environment with other students at a similar experience level.

Connecting with Audiences

The first couple of sessions focus on both creating a supportive and welcoming class environment, as well as the connection that exists between speakers and their audience.  Students will consider the importance of keeping audiences at the forefront when preparing speeches, and strategies that they can use to help engage them more effectively.


Developing Speech Ideas

As students progress, the focus will shift towards brainstorming ideas that they can craft into speeches.  This involves coming up with opinions on various topics, which students are then required to back up through a range of different speaking activities.


Forming Persuasive Speeches

Once students are comfortable devising ideas for their speeches, the next step is to turn those ideas into a coherent speech.  Students learn how to craft their reasons into arguments, as well as how to both grab and keep their audiences attention using effective introductions and conclusions. Each week focuses on a different concept, and includes multiple opportunities to present.


Parent Presentations

As with all our weekly programs, the term concludes with a presentation to the students’ parents.  This is a great way to help them develop the confidence to speak directly to adults, as well as being a good opportunity for them to showcase their new skills. Students generally spend the last couple of sessions preparing and practicing their speeches for the presentation.

Our classes vary in size every term depending on how many bookings we receive – however, the maximum size of our Public Speaking Parrots class is around eight students with one coach.

If there aren’t any spots left, it’s usually because we’ve hit capacity, but may also be the result of a miscommunication with the coaching college – please get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do about either opening an extra class, fitting your child into the existing class, or putting you on a waitlist in case any students pull out!

After each program, students will go home with:

  • a personal feedback sheet prepared by their coach, which goes through what they’ve improved on, and what still needs some work;
  • a certificate recognising their achievements;
  • a course booklet, which covers everything they’ve learned over the course of the term;
  • the speech that they prepared for their parent presentations; and
  • hopefully a more positive relationship with presenting to audiences!

If you’re interested in doing another term program, we generally recommend that students do our Public Speaking Parrots program twice – the first time to grapple with the concepts, and the second time to deepen their understanding of public speaking and a whole, and to work more closely on their manner.

That said, if they have completed Public Speaking Parrots twice, there is no convenient option to do it a second time, or they would like to give debating a try, they would be very welcome to join one of our Debating Parrots programs. This program looks at debating rather than public speaking, which involves a very different set of speaking skills.

Alternatively, if you were looking to do an intensive holiday program, we would recommend that students give our Public Speaking Hawks or Debating Hummingbirds programs a try.  These holiday workshops teach a range of different skills that help students expand on what they’ve covered during the term, and are the perfect way to help students develop even further!

Course Reviews

My son thoroughly enjoyed this program. Thank you!

Sonia, Parent Public Speaking Hummingbirds

My daughter enjoyed the course very much and wished it would go on for another week! She is now very motivated to work on her speech for the school’s upcoming public speaking competition using what she learned! Well done to all coaches!

Chui, Parent Public Speaking Hummingbirds