Our Coaches

Who are our coaches?

Sydney Speaking Schools has assembled a team of world class, engaging, supportive coaches to run our programs.


Our coaches are across everything related to public speaking and debating. Our coaches include debaters that have represented most of the major local universities at (and in some cases won) both the Australian and Australasian Debating Championships; a university medalist who graduated in Education majoring in English and Drama; the person who topped English Advanced in the HSC in 2016; the winner of the 2016 Laurence Campbell Public Speaking Competition; and coaches with a collective lifetime of individual successes in debating and public speaking.


Our coaches are not only the best in their field – we ensure that we only hire people who can really teach.  Many of our coaches come from a drama or teaching background, which allows them to explain complex debating and public speaking concepts in a simple way.


In Person Interview

to ensure that the coach meets our high standards.


Independent Reference

to verify that the coach is an appropriate choice.


Working With Children Check

to make sure that the coach is safe to work with children.

Inducted and Trained

to guarantee that the coach knows and understands our teaching philosophy.

Below are profiles of just some of our coaches…