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Debating and public speaking is an increasingly important aspect of the modern Australian schooling landscape, whether as part of the curriculum or through extra-curricular programs. This is consistent with the growing recognition in the education literature regarding the importance of public speaking and debating in achieving success later in life, and something we strongly believe is crucial for proper student development.

Whilst teachers are experts in their respective fields, whether it be English, history, science or maths, not all teachers are comfortable teaching public speaking and debating. This is where we can help. As experts in public speaking and debating, the Australian Speaking Schools are perfectly placed to fill this potential gap in your school.

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One-Off Seminars

on a range of topics including debating, public speaking, textual analysis, leadership and other presentation skills.

What do we offer schools?


Ongoing Debating Programs

through the provision of student coaching services or a yearly debating syllabus


One-Off Seminars

on a range of topics including debating, public speaking, textual analysis, leadership and other presentation skills.


One-Off Seminars

on the best strategies and techniques to use when coaching debating or public speaking

How can we help your school?

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Ongoing Debating Programs

There are two ways in which we can help with your school’s ongoing debating programs.

First, we can provide your school with a debating syllabus that covers the basics of debating, activities that focus on certain skills and sessions on common topic areas. The debating syllabus is regularly updated, separated by year level and modular in nature, meaning that coaches are able to adapt it to the skill level and needs of their students.

Second, we can offer to run the coaching program at your school. This involves providing coaches in addition to our syllabus, and managing the debating program over the course of the year. Whilst we are open to retaining existing coaches, we will ensure that they are trained and up to the high standards that we demand of all our teaching staff.

One-Off Seminars

The Australian Speaking Schools are well equipped to run one-off seminars on a range of topics. As experts in communication skills generally, we are not limited to presenting on just public speaking or debating (although we are very willing and able to do so). Rather, we are able to speak on a range of other areas, including leadership, textual analysis and interview skills.

Seminars can be either half- or full-day sessions, and can be easily tailored to the specific needs of your school.

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Coaching for Coaches

In addition to helping students learn something new, we also offer the opportunity to put your coaches through the same training that we use for our own coaches. Depending on your specific needs, we can run coaches through how to teach the basic elements of debating, how to prioritise what content to share with students on certain topic areas and general strategies for controlling a classroom.

Like our seminars, we are able to run this as a one-off session tailored to your school’s individual needs.

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