Keeping Your Kids Enriched During the COVID-19 Pandemic

3 June 2020

At present, we are navigating through a period of uncertainty, particularly keeping when it comes to keeping children at home for long stretches. As a result of this, a key struggle faced by many parents is the ability to not only meet the educational and physical needs of their children but their emotional needs too.

On top of this, parents need to juggle their own work commitments, household chores, and somehow maintain and preserve their own wellbeing. This has naturally led to stress levels soaring, as more and more pressure is placed on families.

We spoke to Noble Oak about ways to ensure your children remain happy and enriched during this uncertain time.

An approach that may help ease some of the mental and emotional load is to establish a daily routine, particularly on weekdays. This will help all the family know what to expect and can be exceptionally beneficial for children – granting them a sense of security and helping foster positive habits. It will also help distinguish the weekdays from the weekends – giving everyone something to look forward to!

All in all, the key to staying both emotionally and physically well is to work together, stay active, eat nutritious meals, have realistic expectations, and set achievable goals.

To lend a helping hand, we have compiled a few suggestions to help keep things interesting and rewarding during this period:

  • Showing off your green thumb in the garden
  • Setting up Zoom “play dates” with their schoolmates as part of their routine
  • A Cooking workshop
  • Exploring nature on foot, bicycle or scooter
  • Online dance or workout classes
  • Chore Hour – get the kids to help out and gamify it to make it fun!
  • Dusting off those board games and getting the family together (‘Articulate for Kids’ is a great choice!)
  • Forming a tight-knit social circle that you connect with safely as restrictions begin to ease

In fact, we’ve brainstormed a list of indoor activities to help out families through this time – check out the blog for more info!