Sofia is a very supportive coach who is passionate about empowering her students to let their individuality shine. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Computer Science on the Co-op Scholarship at UNSW and is enthusiastic about mentoring young people and helping her students to achieve their goals, be them in performing arts or technology!

A very generous individual, Sofia has spent time volunteering and fundraising for the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Autism Spectrum Australia. Her ongoing efforts to make the world a better place translate well into her role as a coach here at SSA, where she aims to build up the confidence of her students.

Notable awards that Sofia has achieved include the Spill the Beans Award, for inspiring girls to pursue STEM careers, and Lions Youth of The Year, for her academic, leadership, sporting and public speaking excellence.

Sofia’s upbeat and dynamic teaching style has developed throughout years of teaching dance and computer programming to students. Her patience and organised nature always leads to welcoming, productive and enjoyable classes for her students where they are able to learn and grow!