Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

What Debating experience do you have?

I’ve been passionately involved in debating throughout the entirety of my time in high school. From when I first gave it a try in Year 5 and discovered how fast-paced and stimulating it is, to being the Captain of debating in my senior year of school, I’ve always found the activity to be invaluable in developing my critical thinking, as well as incredibly rewarding. Since leaving Riverview I’ve been involved in coaching there, as well as with Speaking Schools, while also competing in university debating at Easters with Macquarie University.

What is your experience working with children?

In addition to my coaching roles, I’ve also enjoyed several other opportunities to work with and teach to children. Amongst these, my highlights would have to be spending time with the kids at the Starlight Children’s Room, as well as teaching to primary school students in Nepal on an exchange opportunity.

What is your favourite thing about Public Speaking & Debating?

Whilst I found myself to be incredibly appreciative of my debating experience when it came to school work that involved logical reasoning and oral presentation, I would have to say my favourite thing about debating has been its ability to change my own perspectives on different topics, as it strongly encourages one to recognise other ways of thinking and their potential merits.

What is one tip you wish someone had given you for Debating & Public Speaking?

When I first started debating, I was assured that nobody finds it straightforward at first, but with practice, that it would become more intuitive and my confidence would grow. I absolutely believe this to be the case, but if I could add something I wish I’d also been told, it would be to say that it also gets a lot more fun too! As it becomes less intimidating, you’ll soon realise it’s a great way to bond with friends, make new ones and be creative in how you build arguments and make your points.