Saliha is a motivated and knowledgeable coach who focuses on being compassionate with students and encouraging inclusivity in her classes. She was Head Girl at Regents International School (Pattaya, Thailand) and was a Global Finalist and Community Impact Award Finalist at the Google Science Fair. In addition to this, Saliha was also the Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader in New York and has been a speaker at the United Nations Global Goals Conference.

Saliha is undertaking a Bachelor of Medical Sciences at Macquarie University where she is a Peer Assisted Learning Leader for the faculty of Science and Engineering. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Grapeshot (Macquarie University Student Publication) where her role revolves around leading and managing the entire team, setting the magazine themes, copy-editing, facilitating marketing and advertising, along with publication and distribution of the magazine.

At Speaking Schools Australasia, we value Saliha for her wealth of public speaking experience and unique approach to teaching.