Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor or Arts, Macquarie University

Prashana is a warm and passionate coach who creates a deeply supportive and fun environment for her students. Having attended Tara Anglican School for Girls, Prashana demonstrated a natural talent for leadership from a young age. She served on the Student Representative Team for 3 years, and in her final year was elected as School Prefect. Due to her natural talent for leadership and dedication to her school, Prashana was awarded the Australian Defence Force Long Tan Memorial Award for Youth leadership and teamwork in 2018, a prestigious award for any student. Whilst at school Prashana competed in Archdale Debating Competition and was awarded the Varvel Family Debating Prize for her achievements and dedication. She was also heavily involved in public speaking, competing in Festival of Speech and achieved Grade 4 for Speech and Performance Theory through the Australian Music Examinations Board.

Moving to study a Bachelor of Laws and Arts at Macquarie University, Prashana has continued competitive debating, representing her university at the Australian Intervarsity Debating Championships. She also coaches debating at her alma mater, Tara.

Prashana loves coaching because she appreciates the confidence she gained from public speaking and debating, and wants to ensure her students benefit from this as much as she has. She is a warm and nurturing coach who goes out of her way to ensure that her students not only improve but thrive.