Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor or Arts, Macquarie University

Prashana is a warm and enthusiastic coach who studies Arts/Law at Macquarie University. In high school, she represented Tara Anglican School for Girls as a member of their representative team and won numerous awards for leadership and debating. These include: The Varvel Family Debating Prize in 2016, and the Australian Defence Force Long Tan Memorial Award for Youth Leadership and Teamwork in 2018.

Prashana also served on the Student Representative Council between 2014 - 2018, and was elected School Prefect from 2017 - 2018. Since graduating from Tara Anglican School, she has been coaching debating students at her alma mater in North Parramatta. Prashana is also an experienced adjudicator and currently debates for Macquarie University.

What is the most important thing to remember whilst coaching kids?

When coaching kids, it is important to always be encouraging. No matter how many aspects they might need to improve on, when people feel encouraged and affirmed it always inspires the to keep going and keep trying with a certain skills. Therefore, I find it important to make sure kids are not just aware of what they need to improve on but also what they are good at.

What is your favourite thing about debating and public speaking?

My favourite thing about debating/ public speaking is the amount of confidence it gives you. It gives you the power to speak in front of a crowd of people and know that you’re going to be good. Those skills transfer to so many aspects of life and will always be crucial no matter where you go.