Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts, University of NSW

A graduate of Abbotsleigh on Sydney’s Upper North Shore, Niki carries over six years’ worth of experience in debating and public speaking at school. During her school career, Niki consistently competed in the ISDA debating tournament and twice made it to the semi-finals of the Archdale competition. As President of the Tempus TV Committee, Niki was heavily involved in broadening the public speaking abilities of younger students. She was also an integral member of Abbotsleigh’s Peer Support Program and a dedicated volunteer at Abbotsleigh Aftercare, which has contributed to her strong love of teaching and mentoring younger children.

Since starting her combined Arts/Law degree at UNSW, Niki has continued to give back as a coach at Abbotsleigh and Ravenswood, as well as adjudicating the ISDA, SDN, CAS and Archdale interschool competitions.

What is one tip you wish someone had told you about public speaking or debating?

As cheesy as it is, I really wish someone told me to be confident in myself and what I had to say. Manner is an essential element in public speaking and debating; it effects how the perceives what you’re saying and makes them engage and want to believe your speech more.

What is your favourite thing about working with kids?

Children are incredibly bright and curious, they’re definitely not given enough credit. It never ceases to amaze me how interested in learning they are. No matter how difficult the concept you bring up they’ll always attempt to gain some sort of understanding surrounding it, even if it is minimal. The process of helping learn is an incredible experience.