Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Communications, University of Technology Sydney

Natasha is a dynamic and engaging coach who is passionate about helping students develop their skills in a supportive and fun environment. She began debating in Year 5 and quickly became a well-known figure in the Premier’s Debating Challenge, which she continued to participate in throughout high school.

Natasha attended Turramurra High School where she was awarded the 2019 prize for Commitment to Education, for her work volunteering in the school’s debating program. Her experiences both competing and assisting as a coach developed her ability to provide thoughtful feedback to students and to build their confidence in a meaningful way. In 2018 she represented Australia at the Global Young Leaders Conference in New York which gave her a deep appreciation for diversity and communication - whether it be amongst peers or across the globe.

Moving to UTS to study a Bachelor of Law and Communications continued to be engaged with various speaking competitions. Natasha knows all the practical aspects of how to construct a speech, having represented the university at an intervarsity level for Mooting, Negotiations and Client Interviews in her first year at university, a prestigious achievement. Right from orientation week she has been an active and valued member of the UTS Debating Society and is always looking to create a fun environment while bringing fresh ideas to the table. Her involvement here has brought her great success in a multitude of online tournaments throughout 2020 which gives her a unique understanding of how to master speaking skills over digital platforms.

In 2022, Natasha represented UTS as a judge at the Australian National Debating Championships where she was selected to the grand final.

Natasha also understands that learning is about more than just worksheets and writing on the board, and she strongly believes that every student can unlock their full potential in their social and educational lives by participating in public speaking and debating programs. It is this passion for growth that inspires her hands-on and fun classroom dynamic which creates a memorable experience for all her students at Speaking Schools Australasia.