Bachelor of Psychology, University of New South Wales

Luke is an enthusiastic and passionate coach who is known for his passion for communicating with students. Luke has been involved in public speaking with his school, St Aloysius College, since he was 12. Whilst at school Luke also participated in a range of extracurricular activities including; chess, cadets, water polo and volleyball. After school, Luke studied a Bachelor of Advanced Science majoring in Psychology at UNSW.

Luke has a natural ability to interact with and engage students, that means his virtual and physical classrooms are always an enjoyable place to be. Through work as an academic tutor for maths, English and science Luke has honed his passion for teaching children and gained valuable skills in classroom management

Luke enjoys public speaking because he thinks life is full of moments where you need to communicate with, or even debate against someone. He is a firm believer that the ability to be able to communicate effectively is the most powerful weapon you could have in your arsenal.