Lachlan is a highly creative individual whose ability to communicate with and listen to others makes him an outstanding and supportive coach. With a strong background in public speaking, debating and drama, Lachlan brings to class a multitude of great skills, activities and advice for all his students.

Public Speaking has been an integral part of Lachlan’s life, particularly during his time spent as School Captain where he made countless inspiring, informative and passionate speeches. With a background of over 12 years in a drama academy, Lachlan’s ability to stay calm and perform in front of large or small audiences is superb. Furthermore, Lachlan’s years of experience in debating throughout high school has fostered his critical thinking and general debating skills.

Now studying a Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of Laws at University of Wollongong, Lachlan’s dedication to his studies is a testament to his perseverance and interest in bettering the world around him.

Lachlan not only believes in the power of teaching, but of learning from his students as well. He sees great value in the sharing of knowledge and fosters a learning environment in which every student has a voice and is able to express themselves unapologetically!