Kelsey has become an important member of the debating community both in her home state of Queensland, and in the global debating community.

As a coach, Kelsey brings an overwhelming sense of fun to the classroom, and strives to make sure every lesson is enjoyable, as well as educational. Her experience means she has plenty to teach students, but is always willing to learn from students as well, and encourages them to actively participate in her classes.

Kelsey studies Psychology at the University of Queensland. In addition to her studies, she also found the time to serve many terms on the Executive of the University of Queensland Debating Society, including most recently a year as President.

Kelsey has extensive experience and a long list of achievements as both a debater and an adjudicator. Kelsey has been selected as a final judge at over a dozen university tournaments, including the Grand Final of the Australasian Womens Debating Championships, and the finals of the Australian and Australasian Championships. She has also made the finals as a debater of many tournaments, including being two-time quarter finalist at the ANU's Spring Tournament, one of Australia’s largest and most prestigious debating tournaments in Australia.

Kelsey’s endlessly positive approach to the classroom makes her a highly engaging and valued coach at Speaking Schools Australasia.