Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics

What experience do you have with Debating and Public Speaking?

I have been Debating and Public speaking since I was in year 5 and have competed both locally and nationally in both of these fields during high school. On top of this I have continued pursing my love of Debating throughout university through various tournaments and programs.

What experience do you have working with kids?

Over the last few years I have worked with children across a variety of situations and circumstances. During this time I have taught English class in Timor Leste, Tutored primary school students and run youth programs helping develop diplomacy skills in Canberra.

What is your favourite thing about Public Speaking and Debating?

My favourite thing about debating and public speaking is that it gives you the opportunity to push the boundaries of your own ideas. It ensures you have the ability to both fully form those ideas and then express them in a way that others can understand, giving you the best chance of finding your voice in a noisy world.