Bachelor of Nursing, University of Technology Sydney

Isabelle is an energetic, passionate and motivated coach who is recognised for her seamless ability to connect and interact with students. For a number of years, Isabelle represented her school, Wenona School in North Sydney, in the ISDA and Archdale debating tournaments. In addition to this, Isabelle and her team finished as a close runner-up in Schools Debating Network Competition, a prized accomplishment at such a young age. It was also during her formative school years that Isabelle developed a marked interest in public speaking, after competing and finding success in a number of regional competitions, including the AHIGS’ Festival of Speech.

Transitioning to UTS to study a Bachelor of Nursing, Isabelle represented her university in it's top team at both the Australian Intervarsity Debating Championships and Australasian Wom*ns Debating Championships. Isabelle is also an active and integral member of the debating community, and has coaches students at a range of prestigious schools, including Sydney Boys High School, North Sydney Boys High School, and Redlands. When she isn’t achieving success on the debating circuit, Isabelle continues her love of teaching children through engagements as an experienced netball coach and swimming instructor.

What is one tip you wish someone had told you about public speaking or debating?

If you use a structure public speaking isn’t as scary! Instead of daunting 3 minute speech it’s 3 mini speeches (intro, body, concl). Also you can make public speaking about whatever you want!

What public speaker inspires you?

Michelle Obama because she cares about the same things I do and doesn’t resort to cheap tricks to keep attention, she just uses clean and polished speaking skills.

What is your favourite thing about working with kids?

The different way kids think about issues and come up with new arguments I’d never thought of. Plus how much they care about the world and advocacy!

What is the most important thing to remember whilst coaching kids?

To have fun with it! The best way to learn is without realising, and if I’m having fun I hope my students are too!