Chris was a rather shy child who often turned to books and nature for solace. However, through the later primary and secondary years, she was able to build and bolster her confidence through discovering a love of drama and literature. This passion was further ignited by her wonderfully inspiring English Literature teacher in Senior Secondary School. In fact, this fateful meeting leading her to become a Secondary teacher herself- not only teaching, but coaching debating teams and directing and producing school plays.

Her love of culture, the outdoors and travel led her to land a job as an ESL teacher both abroad and locally, as well as scaling the arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a climb leader – entertaining and informing hordes of people from every corner of the earth! At present, she balances her (very limited) free time with her passion for writing, yoga and raising her inquisitive child. She loves being able to make a positive contribution through her role at Speaking School Australasia!