Coach with SSA

SSA is rapidly expanding to become the biggest provider of private debating and public speaking coaching services in Australia – since first opening our doors in January 2015 to around 30 participants, we’ve had more than 5,000 students attend our programs (with more than 2,000 in 2018 alone).


Central to our teaching philosophy is ‘learning by doing’ – the idea that kids learn best when they’re actually experiencing public speaking, rather than just hearing from others how easy it can be.  In order to achieve this, we keep classes small, and make sure that their is a big focus on practice speeches with constructive (never negative) individual feedback.


We do our best to make sure that all our programs are fun, welcoming and empowering for students, and are keen to get people on board who show the necessary experience and values to help us bring our students’ words to life.

Like every good speech, there are three reasons why you should consider working with SSA.


First, we have a great culture.  We know that everyone says this, but for us, it is genuinely true.  We only employ people who share our values, and are committed to helping the next generation find their voice, and it really shows.  We encourage the same welcoming, fun and friendly atmosphere amongst our 70+ staff as we do in the classroom.


Second, it’s a great job for university students.  We offer competitive pay rates substantially higher than just about any other casual university jobs, and offer a large number of shifts during the school holiday period when coaches may otherwise not have much of an income. You won’t find much better.


Third, there is this warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you watch kids improve.  We assign coaches to programs from start to finish, and there just isn’t anything that compares to knowing you’ve made a kid’s life that much better.

Interested in joining the SSA team?